360° Phone Panoramic Mount

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No more getting dizzy or tripping over your own feet when you use this panoramic tripod mount.

Capture a 360° keepsake of jaw-dropping sceneries and never-to-forget memories. Perfect for shooting scenic views and wide range shots, this is a must-bring on all your adventures near and far.


Slight changes in camera position and even exposure can ruin a timelapse.

Enjoy stability! Use it to mount your phone and shoot pictures at much slower intervals like one frame per second manually.

Watch as a magical time-lapse unfolds when you play it back at 30 frames per second!

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What makes it different:

  • Charging and batteries are out of the picture. Wind it up fully, and it rotates for 2-3 minutes non-stop. Twist it as many times as you'd want it to turn and you'll get the pan you need!
  • Suitable for both Androids and iPhones, you’ll get that shot you want no matter what smartphone you’re using.
  • This panoramic mount holds your phone securely with its firm brackets. Install it on your tripod or selfie stick and try it out. You’ll get a more stable frame and a crisper photo too!
  • Keep it in your bag in case a panoramic shot appears in front of you without worrying about extra baggage. Weighing about 168 grams, you'll not add any weight to your daily carry-on.


    • Screw Thread: ¼”
    • Orientation: Horizontal and vertical

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