Non-Slip Wall Adhesive Sticker Pads

Jelly Pea Mint Green
Jelly Pea Pink


With double-sided anti-slip adhesive super sticky surfaces, they'll surely stick in there until you pull them out.

You can trust your phones and tablets to these silicone gel pads, and you'll be able to use them hands-free!

Get organized in your kitchens, office tables, car dashboard with these sticky friends, and you'll be more efficient.

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What makes it different:

  • Get back the good sticky stuff with every wash! They don't even need a thorough soap scrub, simply rinse them with water and they will look and perform as awesome as when you just got them out from the box.
  • Ran out of oil-absorbing sheets? Use the pad to pat on your face! Be fresh and clean with these gentle gel pads that absorb oil and dirt.
  • No need to hocus pocus with DIY adhesive removing tricks just to get them out. Easily pull up any end, and the whole sticky pad will follow. It's that easy!


  • Dimensions: 90mm x 110mm
  • Weight: 28g
  • Temperature resistance: -20°C ~ 80°C
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