Making everyone photogenic

Designed from the ground up around women, our products have been created to make beauty shine in every photo.

Whether it’s a selfie, a get-together photo, a candid moment, or taking breathtaking views and sceneries, don’t sweat. We’ll help you get a photo worth sharing. We got it covered.

Devoted to making you experience a new kind of fun in photography, we push forward with creating and marketing merchandise that bring your photos to the next level!


It would be fun to start when we were gathered around the drawing table trying to figure out how to put a tripod and selfie stick together. But it began before that. Way before.

John wasn’t really into photography until one day in ‘14, all he wanted was a photo of himself and his mom. The struggle was real. Every smile was blurry. Every frame was off.

He says it was fun. We all knew he was frustrated though. But that’s when the idea sparked.

Firmly established in 2015, after long hours of research, brainstorming, and building, we’ve done it. We created MAGIPEA.

Starting from a selfie stick with tripod functions, we’ve evolved into a brand that creates and captures smiles.

With the blurry photo of John and his mom hanging on our office wall to remember our beginnings, we are now making waves in delivering quality products across Taiwan and creating a name in the global arena.

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