Selfie Ring Light

Take Perfect Selfies with the Perfect Lighting

Wanna take a selfie, but lighting is terrible? Not a problem anymore!This ring light will give you 3 different lighting to complement your glammed up look!

Be selfie-ready, anytime, anywhere.

Selfie game draining your battery? Charge your phone in this Selfie Ring Light--it works as a power bank too!

MAGIPEA got you all covered up.


  • Has three (3) adjustable lighting modes: warm, light & warm-light--for different moods.
  • It’s classy and compact; and can fit your purse conveniently.
  • Get 100 hours of continuous light when fully charged. That’s 2-3 days non-stop selfie.
  • Brush off that Low Battery notification and charge anywhere, anytime.
  • Vlogging? Clip it to your laptop or phone, and you’re set!
  • Built with a small mirror to make sure you’re always selfie-ready.


  • Dimensions: 0.9mx0.9m
  • Color: Mint Green
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