PicBacker Flat Lay Backdrop Timeless Set and Forever Set Bundle

  • BYE BYE BORING PHOTOS. Bring your Instagram flatlays to life with unique backdrops. Go for marble to wood and even grass, get creative and make your photos pop. Play with these photo backgrounds for a creative IG feed to wow and win over fans.
  • PERFECT PHOTO FLATLAYS ON THE GO. Love to take photos outdoors? Take your photo backgrounds with you! Each Magipea PicBacker comes with a convenient black tote bag that fits both the 19-inch set and the 13-inch set. Get the perfect flatlay anywhere!
  • SPILL-PROOF & EASY TO CLEAN. Look ma, no glare! Food or product photography means getting backgrounds to look as good as your subject. Each PicBacker has no glare, cleans with a wipe and totally spill proof. It’ll stand up to daily use with ease.
  • REALISTIC & UNIQUE DESIGNS. This combo gives you the best of everything. Enjoy a range of photo backgrounds so you can keep your feed fresh and unique. Go from simple to striking designs, take your pick from a selection of 14 lovely backdrops.
  • PURCHASE ONCE, USE IT FOREVER. Save money and stop buying fancy scrapbook papers all the time. Each PicBacker is made to last. Crafted from thick and sturdy material, they clean easily and are 110% reusable.

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